Day 748 “Good Things Do Happen To Good People”

A cell phone shot but it’s the moment not the photo. I’m proud to have been part of (in the audience) the Boston Police Swearing in Ceremony of the 41st Police Commissioner William B. Evans.

Day 747 “No Burger For You”

Tonight’s photo represents the hamburger that I couldn’t have today. Man, do I miss having one of their Black and Blue Burgers. Enough Said:)

Day 746 “Monologues Beyond the Erotic – Power of The Word”


It was such an honor being in the Harriet Tubman building for the reading that I couldn’t let my brief photo series end without including this photo. The lady in the photo was an audience member there to support one of the “readers” a writer, member of her staff and most importantly her daughter. I enjoyed the play of color between my subject and her background but more importantly I thought of the smile Ms. Tubman would have had watching these powerful women change the world through words.

Day 744 “Monologues Beyond the Erotic – I’m Listening II”

Day 744

Another audience shot. This young lady was the sister of a reader. It was fascinating to watch her reaction throughout the readings. This expression was my favorite…just plain exquisite.