Day 93 “Happy New Year”

Happy New year!



Day 93/365 “Faces, Up Close and Personal” Series

This is will be the only photo of the series that’s not taken by, me for obvious reasons. Laquan and I were at mom’s home for the holidays looking through old photo albums and came across this photo from when he was a few weeks old. I decided to edit in the series style and share as my first photo for 2016.

Feel free to share or post your own #ChangingTheNarrative photo. Let s make 2016 a day full of positive black images!

#Changingtheimage #HoodFit #Imageshift #assumptions #OurvoiceOurvisionOurtruths #Truthtopower #Beautiful #Faith #Resilient #Perseverance #Determination #GoodGrit #BlackMenLove

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