Day 485 “Shot From The Boston Marathon Memorial”

Tuesday, I was asked to take and donate a framed photo for a upcoming “One Fund” auction. My next few days of photos are from that shoot. The photo selected for the auction will not be shown on this blog. Thanks for stopping by.

Day 470 “Perseverance is More Prevailing Than Violence”

Taken at yesterday’s, the Battle of Lexington reenactment. This gentlemen represented “Prince Estabrook” a Black Slave, who fought and was wounded at the Battle of Lexington, the first battle of the American Revolutionary War. An undated broadside from the time identified him as “a Negro Man”, spelled his name Easterbrooks, and listed him among the wounded from Lexington Born around 1741, he was a slave belonging to the family of Benjamin Estabrook from whom he most likely took his name.