My HoodFit Concept Is On The Move, Join Me

Good Evening Friends,

Today I launched #HoodFIt. The last several months have been an amazing journey for me and I hope you will join me for the next twelve months as this concept gets developed. I believe #HoodFit will help us reach our next level (we all have a next level) by drawing from our past experience and reaching deep within ourselves.

More importantly, I hope to change the narrative of our youth growing up in “the struggle” by helping them see their authentic and amazing “self” through “us”. For this to succeed I need you to participate in whatever way you can. Hit the “like” button on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, sign up for our newsletter via our website or … all three. Lastly I want to make it clear this does not involve a fee or fundraising… for me this is just public service.

**Over the next few days look for two major #HoodFit announcements**


Twitter: @HoodFitMA


Thanks very much

Thaddeus Miles