“The Men of Color Photo Taken on Humboldt Ave, In Roxbury, MA”

Humboldt Shoot Ant_Web

More about this Photo soon.

“My Brother Keeper Boston Summit” A View From My Seat

I attended the “My Brothers Keepers Boston” Summit a few weeks ago. About 500 people turned out. I can’t explain the intended message because that not my place but I enjoyed myself. I have been looking out for imagery to be posted from portions of the event and haven’t found many, which is surprising with so many photographers there. Below are a few on my shots. I didn’t take many but I think the few I did capture illustrate the intensity of listening and thinking going on by all who attended.

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Happy Veteran Day To All My Fellow Veterans! A Few Of My Back In The Day Photos.

Cover of Air Force Magazine. I could hit a fly at 500 yards:)


Working our with Captain William White at the base gym! I could push a little weight back in the day.


It All Starts with One Image

Some have ask “Who” and “Why” ” The Change The Narrative, Shift the Perceptions, Change The Image” Campaign, I hope this helps!

HoodFit is a movement that focuses of self-efficacy and sense of personal agency: HoodFit seeks to amplify the positive attributes in our ‘hood’ that has allowed us to grow strong, experience resilience and exercise strategic problem solving. Mind, Body and Spirit.

This photo is in response to how tired I am of the negativity I was seeing on TV and reading online, every morning about my brothers. I didn’t  know any of them! I do know hard working brothers that care about their family and community. I know brothers that work four jobs and still find time to give. I know brothers that remember to share their gifts. My gift is photography, so it’s time to use it.

Replicating the marathon photo is impossible. That’s a powerful photo that is different for every person that looks at it. So it can never be replicated.

However, I am hoping our photo will also show resilience, perseverance, strength and unity – not the mythical, negative stereotypes about men of color:  that we cannot put aside our ego’s and come together, or that we are not change agents in our communities. More so hope it will showcase the strength of so many brothers and their son’s, nephews, cousins, grandsons.

Media attention about high Stop and Frisk rate for Men of Color. 

While this campaign was started before the recent report and not designed to address this issue, I know and understand the issue first hand. I myself have been profiled and our young men are stopped too often by the police. Numerous organizations and the police have a lot of civic and policy work to do on this issue in order to regain the community’s  confidence. Yet, simultaneously, we must recognize the City of Boston and the Boston Police Department have new leadership and a renewed commitment to correcting this challenge. We should hold them accountable for change, however, we cannot let the only outcry be rage. We have to create opportunities for healing. We will ensure the Change the Narrative|Perceptions|Image Campaign provides space for authentic conversations on this subject.

This is our moment. This is our history making moment, this is about honoring our ancestors, this is about our community, this about one heartbeat, this is about legacy.

Join me as we change the narrative, shift perceptions, and change the image for men of color in Boston. I guarantee you if you come with an open mind and an honest heart you will walk away lifted, connected and loved. It all starts with one image.

Saturday, 9am I know you will be there.


Almost There!

WP Family, several months ago I started this self designed process/concept called “HoodFit”. I weighed in at 315 pounds and didn’t feel good about me. Today I weighed in at 285 and starting to feel like that old sexy me.. lol

Tomorrow I start phase two of my personal journey with my self designed ’21 Days to Self Forgiveness” with a five mile walk, 100 push-ups and sit-ups and a hour of Tai Chi. It’s also a day of fasting, reflection, prayer and limited technology use.

I’m sharing this for many reasons but mostly to say I’m thankful for you and that its time that we all examine and appreciate our journey. More so to take time for ourselves. Onward!!!

Thank You! Community Leadership Awards from the FBI Director and Speakeasy Stage Company.

FBI Award Shot_web IMG_2380 IMG_2383 photo-3webI recognize most of you know nothing about me outside of my photography blog so I wanted to take a moment through this post to share with you a few photos from two events held last Friday April 4th. I received two Community Leadership Awards: one in Washington DC from the Director of the FBI and the other here in Boston from The Speakeasy Stage Company. Additionally I wanted to say thank you! Your “follow”, “view”, “like” and comments on my photography blog have helped me continue to try and be creative with how I do my day-job, helping people in need. I started this blog as a project but now it’s become something entirely different… it’s become a moment of meaning. Knowing I may give one person a twinkling of joy each day has brought me many moments of delight.

Lowell Folk Festival 2013

Today remember “Live neither in the past nor in the future, but let each day’s work absorb your entire energies, and satisfy your widest ambition. Join me @lowellfolfest http://www.lowellfolkfestival.org/ for a lovely day of music, food and dancing. If you’re lucky I my take your photo:) On the real just have a great day wherever you are!

Day 576 “Within His Power”

Exploring “Self Portraits” I’m surprised, how difficult it is to take a picture of yourself that reflects……. More about that soon