Thank You! Community Leadership Awards from the FBI Director and Speakeasy Stage Company.

FBI Award Shot_web IMG_2380 IMG_2383 photo-3webI recognize most of you know nothing about me outside of my photography blog so I wanted to take a moment through this post to share with you a few photos from two events held last Friday April 4th. I received two Community Leadership Awards: one in Washington DC from the Director of the FBI and the other here in Boston from The Speakeasy Stage Company. Additionally I wanted to say thank you! Your “follow”, “view”, “like” and comments on my photography blog have helped me continue to try and be creative with how I do my day-job, helping people in need. I started this blog as a project but now it’s become something entirely different… it’s become a moment of meaning. Knowing I may give one person a twinkling of joy each day has brought me many moments of delight.

3 responses to “Thank You! Community Leadership Awards from the FBI Director and Speakeasy Stage Company.

  1. Congratulation!!! Thank you for the information that you included about yourself. I did some digging on Goggle under your name. Goggle came up with a long list credited to your name. The awards you received are so well deserved. Thank you for sharing these and your photos. I now have a better understanding as to why you are involved in all of these events. Congratulations again.


      • Thank you. There is definitely a mutual appreciate there. It is possible for us to get together. My son lives in Jamaica Plain and my wife and I try to visit him in the summer. There are no specific dates set. When that happens, I’ll let you know. He and his wife Rebecca own Infra Red 5 http://www.infrared5.comI would enjoy seeing Boston in real time as you see it.


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