My photography is an intimate gesture of composition: an embrace between what the eyes can see and the visual journey of imagination. Though I am the photographer, it is you, the viewer, who makes the choices. On what to focus? What to exclude? You are eavesdropping on a conversation between me and my lens and finding your own way with the work.

Throughout my professional career I have come face to face with the injustices and deprivation that fuel violent crime with tragedy, hopelessness and despair. I believe that detachment and denial are not antidotes. I have a commitment to support citizens of our communities to develop their voices and create their own urban legacy: to tell their own truths – about faith, resilience and community. A critical component of my work is to provide the technology, cameras, instructors and training necessary to endow residents with a multi-media capacity to tell their own stories.

But this is not my only reality. I also embark on a personal journey through my photography to reveal a shared terrain of natural beauty. Photography allows me a vision beyond hopelessness and chaos. A door is closed. A flower is open. There is a path along the river. I invite you to bask in the shadows as well as the illumination. Their juxtaposition in my black and white photography does not exist in order to blur distinctions, but to draw attention to the very nature of things – where we might stand in our differences on common ground. With an intimate gesture of my camera, I invite you to make my journey our own.

We must be of keen sight to disavow our detachments and grasp what is embedded beyond our line of vision. We raise a conch shell to our ear and hear the sirens, the gospel music, the gunshots, and the jump rope slapping the pavement. Like an ocean of storytellers, we sound the discordant jazz notes of our common legacy.

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  1. Thaddeus- You are a man of many talents. Your work that I am most familiar with is on Boston’s streets, creating opportunity and providing hope for youth. I look forward to learning more about your work behind a camera in 2012.


  2. I love what you are doing here! The eloquence of your words as well as your photography are rhythmic and filled with color and presence. You are blessed with a gift of expression. I am excited to see your future work!


  3. Hello Thaddeus,

    We would like to purchase some of your work for the SMS Tenant Association. Let me know when you have time to go through your catalog or let us know when you are having another gallery event.

    Sonya, SMS


  4. Hi Thad-
    Not sure if you remember me but we did a photo walk around boston probably a year ago or so. I just got a Nikon D7100 and am having a hell of a time wrapping my head around it. Trying to figure out bracketing, some low light stuff and generally how the camera works because my shots and the way the camera functions seem unpredictable.
    do you offer lessons on this camera and if not, do you know someone that does? My main concern at this point is the camera may be defective… second would of course be that I’m defective which is probably more the case.
    let me know what you think—


      • hey there… so, I did figure out a bunch of stuff over the week, so I MAY be all set. I think I’m also going to this class on thursday as well.

        here are a few of my shots. Some however are from my Olympus.


        I think what got me are a few usability issues with the camera. Hopefully at this point everything was user error!

        even though-would be fun to go out and shoot one day. I’m really itching to do some long exposure shots by some water, and more bracketed photos-



  5. I’m looking forward to your photos from the Boston Flower Show, it was lovely meeting you and learning about your mission. Wishing you beautiful views through the lens…


  6. Hello Thaddeus,

    Just found your blog by chance and you have a great collection of beautiful portraits here.

    Nicely captured the expressions and pretty well composed.

    Have a great day.


    • Thank you! Only have a bout five second to take each photo has been a interesting experience especially with not flash and mixed lighting in most of the setting. Glad you like them and again thank you very much for stopping by my blog.


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