Day 743 “WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge “Window”

Over the last few warm days the ice in the John Street canal has begun to melt, bringing about some interesting images. This photo captures the reflection of the old mill building. What I like about this photo is the slight water movement making the windows look like old columns and the numbers shapes and “pictures-within-the-picture”.

Hopefully you see a reflection through your own pane of glass- something that helps you discover layers, motion and beauty: your window.

Day 738 “Inner Beauty”

Yes, its cold as heck in Lowell, Massachusetts right now. As a matter of fact my phone indicates it nine degrees outside right now. Adjust for a wind chill factor and it’s ten below zero. But like life, when things are freezing all around you, it may be time to get in touch with your inner beauty. I hope this photo reflects the beauty that can happen inside when you shine a little light on it.