8 responses to “Day 19 “Clean Sweep”

  1. Nice picture sir, a true warrior is one that takes up a hobby that’s180 degrees different from what your know for. I guess they call it cultivating, the sign of a true warrior is one that comes out of his skill set/ comfort zone and pursue other things totally different in order to grow and become more refine. Respect. Mac


  2. Thaddeus, I love this! what kind of a filter do you have on this or is it something else. I see this on a lot of your work and I love it! You have inspired me to do the 365 as I have been getting too far away from my camera and need a fun new project for me and my camera. I hope you are doing well I miss seeing you.
    Keep up the wonderful work!!!! Hope to see you sometime soon!


    • Hey Linda, Its so great to hear for you. Its not a filter, I use photoshop mostly and some I layer with with some color tone and some I don’t do anything just blending several photos together.. Lets catch up soon!!



  3. This photo looks as if some one is looking at a place through a flashback. This is how I remembered that day kind of look to it. Impressive.


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