6 responses to “Day 69 “Peaceful”

  1. Nice! Good choice for todays posting 🙂 How did you choose? Now you will have to start reflecting on your process for choosing LOL but seriously i have wondered if the photos have the same ‘meaning for you or do you see the same thing after you have taken them?


    • Why did i pick this one of the four? I was feeling so peaceful the day I took the photo and the more I looked at it the more it brought me back to that moment and the more it made me smile.

      As to the shot, I get a certain feeling or see a certain thing before I raise the camera but its the editing process that takes me back to that moment and most time I don’t get what to thought I saw but this process is helping me get closer. Also having to title me has been a very interesting process of reflection.


  2. I love this one… reminds me of how everything becomes a “blur” once focused in on what brings peace—great shot, bro 🙂


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