I’m Thankful

Today I want to take the time to say Thank You for all the support and love I’ve received so far during my 365 photography project. Your constructive comments, retweets, reblogs, sharing and just plain “taking a look” (almost 10,000 views) have been so motivational and moving that some mornings I just get up and shout “Thank You” for giving me this opportunity to live my dream. Although the process has been difficult (but a lot of fun and a great learning experience) especially the title-ing and editing process. I’ve also learned a lot about my own insecurities and challenges however; I promise you I will keep trying my best daily and I will complete this project! Lastly a very special THANKS to my new friends from around the United States, Canada, Haiti, Australia, United Kingdom, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, France, Russian Federation, United Republic of Tanzania and Mexico.

Be blessed and have a great day/week.


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