Parasol selected as “Photo of the Day” Competing for “Photo of the Month”

Good Morning Friends

I am honored to have my photograph “Parasol” from the 365 project selected for the photo of the day by The Light and Composition Magazine on the web for “April 05” They decided to award the photograph a day early, following the Asian time. From this moment, my photograph will be in a competition, which is evaluated by the numbers of tweets and re-tweets in Twitter and Stumbles on Stumble Upon, Like & Share in Facebook (Like and Share will count separately), 1+ in Google, Pin in Pinterest, Additionally, it will be evaluated based on the comments of our subscribers. These are very important to stay top in the competition for “The Photo of the Month”

I ask you to take a moment today and visit the site, and help me keep “Parasol” in the running for “Photo of The Month” which will be printed in their magazine. If you like the photo please Tweet, Facebook it, leave a comment, all of the above and share.  I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to help me make this the photo of the month.

Thaddeus Miles

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