19 responses to “Day 120 “Old Friend”

  1. Steps to somewhere…those make me happy. Mirror is so elegant amidst the work floorboards…The idea of “old friend” makes me a little sad. Beautiful photo. Love that place.


  2. Neo-Classic comes to mind…. Love the texture of the brick, reflection and light captured in the mirror and the contrast from wall to floor. Great composition!


  3. Great lighting. The texture of the floor, brick and fabric comes through. Tell whoever owns the place to call me for decorating tips.lol


  4. Your photos continue to amaze me, I love this project. Be fun to do a photo shoot in this spot. Keep it up, your blog is inspiring.


  5. Amazing photo, your work continues to amaze me. Great spot for a photo shoot. Keep up your inspirational work…I look forward to it each day


      • I second the photo shoot idea. Being an event designer, I can see a bride, beautiful flowers, additional vintage furniture and props with you taking the beautiful shots. But the main compliment goes to your relentless strength to keep up with the project while delivering awesome images. Keep up the energy, you are quite an inspiration. Love the name again.


  6. This image resonated with me immediately…took my breath away. Perhaps it’s the mix of color and texture providing its vintage charm… or, the nostalgic feeling it gives me when I think of my “old” friends – it warmed my heart.


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