Day 122 “Already Missing You”


12 responses to “Day 122 “Already Missing You”

  1. Not a good one. You were onto something but the angle of the mirror is off. Maybe you were trying not to see your reflection and moved to the left a bit much. I would have tilted the mirror upwards and postioned the camera lower.


    • Great feedback (honesty) Tandy, I disagree with a few of your points while at the same time I can see your points. My first cut darken everything except the door taking the framing and brick out of play. I will go back and take a closer look and study a little more today. Either way its Big Daddy Thaddeus’s Photographic style and you’re going to grow to love it. lmao


  2. I feel you on the title. I think the darkness of the walls surrounding the door, allow the door to stand alone, particularly with the reflection of light from the window. The harshness of the closed door makes it seem so final. But, we know…when one door closes another opens.


  3. “Wow” perfect title……. This photograph immediately stirred my motions. I love the tones, level of light and reflection of the brick in the mirror. The brick in the mirror sort of connects with the actual brick. I’m so loving the versatility of your work! Beautifully done……. Putting this one on my favorite list!!!


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