Day 346 “After 345 days I’m breaking the rules!”

Day 346 of 365 web

Today, I’m going to break the rules just a little bit. What a great day!

Not only has my 365 helped me improve my photography but is now helping to support college scholarship and end homelessness. Today, at the Mt. Washington Bank in the South End of Boston, I was presented a check for five hundred dollars from the Mt. Washington Charitable Foundation Inc. by my friend and bank manager, Jon Towslee and bank President Ed Merritt.  These funds will go to the Lura Smith Fund at The Middlesex Community College Foundation.

Last month, during my “Pillars” show at United South End Settlement (USES) “Harriett Tubman House” President Merritt committed a donation of five hundred dollars to any charitable foundation of my choosing. I chose this fund because I see the youth they support, I know the love Lura shares with our community and I am encouraged by her passion for excellence. I’m grateful for Mt. Washington Bank’s commitment to people and community.

With partnerships like this one, my 365 project is more than just a few photos on a blog site and will last much longer then the exhibit at USES.

Thank you Jon, Kevin and Ed.

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