Day 689 “The 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Regiment.”



Today, I photographed the Veterans Day Commemoration, on the Boston Common, Boston, MA. I was very moved by the men and women of the 54th volunteer regiment. I will share more photos and information during the week for now here’s more information on the group: The 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Regiment was reactivated on November 21, 2008 to serve as the Massachusetts National Guard ceremonial unit to render military honors at funerals and state functions. The new unit is now known as the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Regiment.

4 responses to “Day 689 “The 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Regiment.”

  1. The first photo is superb. There is sensitivity to it. Thanks also for additional information on the role of the contemporary 54th. On a personal note, I took Boston’s Black History Trail tour that started at the 54th Massachusetts Memorial. Not only did I learn more about the 54th but also about Black history in Boston and more broadly. It was led by a history teacher who worked part-time for the National Park Service. She brought history to life. I’ll look forward to future images on the 54th Massachusetts Volunteers Regiment.


  2. I am so moved by these photographs since I was fortunate enough to be able to watch you at work. You are a true artist with a good eye and you had a remarkable subject and that is a wonderful combination!


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