Day 777 “Let’s Celebrate”

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What a day! I attended my friend Neil Swidey “Trapped Under the Sea” book launch this afternoon. Not only did I get to see some old friends, I was able meet and have my book signed by three of the divers and Neil. For more information on the story give this Boston Globe article a read.

Tragedy beneath Boston Harbor

In 1999, two divers died deep in the nearly 10-mile-long Deer Island sewer tunnel. This selection from a new book follows the detective who investigated their fatal mission.

3 responses to “Day 777 “Let’s Celebrate”

      • Your cell phone was fine. Book readings by authors are a lot of fun. We are fortunate that one of the independent books stores in the North San Francisco Bay area, Copperfield’s has a very extensive schedule of NYTimes best selling authors reading and speaking at least twice a week. Sometimes there are only a couple of people in the audience and you have a chance to talk with the author. At other times, such as last week when Isabel Allende came to read from her new book Ripper there were around 100 people in attendance. Her book just hit the NYTimes best seller’s list in fiction-hardcover. I would think that Boston would have many of these with so many authors living in the New York – Boston corridor.


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