6 responses to “Day 809 “About to Throw Down at Guariquiten” Caguas, Puerto Rico

  1. Hey there,
    I’m interested in showcasing your photographs in my journal theblacklionjournal.wordpress.com. Would you mind if I linked to some of your images from time to time? I’ll attribute your photos to you so you will always have source credit. Plus, I’m not interested in stealing anything, I’m only interested in having photos for my images section. Let me know whichever way if you would mind. Thanks!


    • Hi, I check your blog and it seems really interesting. I okay with you referencing the photos as long as its not connected with anything very negative. Know they are legally copyrighted and have a invisible watermark that allows me to track their use. Good luck with you blog!!


      • Thank you! I always post the source of the photos in the title of the posts as well as put links to your web page! As long as they have the watermark, that will be just fine. 🙂


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