Day 816 “Safer is S.E.X.Y” The Series

Day 816 tight

Today, I decided to forgo my Boston Anime 2014 and Puerto Rico trip photos for an important cause. Last week, I attended a Safer is S.E.X.Y event in observance of National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness. “Treat Yourself Thursday and Take Action” hosted by Shea Rose, native Boston singer and songwriter. She is dedicated to music for social change, and works with local organizations through her social outreach project, “My Angel Wears A Fro”.

Safer is SEXY (Sophisticated Empowered Xtraordinary You) is a social media and community outreach campaign to mobilize the community and engage non-traditional partners to promote targeted substance abuse and HIV prevention messages to Latina and Black girls and women in greater Boston.

The event offered mind, body, and sprit resources and activities; education about HIV prevention and free HIV rapid testing with 10 minutes results and Shea Rose gave a concert at the end of the evening.

I attended at the request of one of my favorite people – Irvienne Goldson- not as a photographer but a friend; however and lucky for me, I did bring my camera. I had a chance to photograph some of the loveliest young women. Beginning today until the end of the month, I will share a series of photos taken that wonderful evening and in observance of National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness.

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