Day 820 “Safer is S.E.X.Y” The Series, Photo V

Day 820

The incredible Shea Rose! I really didn’t know much about her or her music until the S.E.X.Y event. See, I’m that old school music lover and maybe a little bit of that “Gangster Rap” guy but to me a lot of this new music sounds like they are singing nursery rhymes. Really, I’m just not that hip!

When I was told Ms. Rose would be performing in support of the S.E.X.Y event I expected she would “superstar” it by coming in near the end, perform one or two songs and get out quickly. To my surprise, she was there for the entire show! The power of her presence amplified the spirit of everyone in the room, especially the younger ladies.

When she took the stage the room lit up with her energy. She focused on you as if were the only one in the room. I saw this happen time and time again with everyone she engaged. If you didn’t feel her words you didn’t have a soul. She moved me enough that I purchased her CD and I haven’t stopped listening to it since.

I hope this photo shows a little of the beauty and love we received from her that evening. Should you want to learn more about her music and charity work, check out her website at

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