Day 822 “2014 Boston Flower Show” The Series

2014 Boston Flower Show, Its always funny to see the expression on someones face when they see a 6’4” 300 lbs. black guy walking around the show with his little camera. They always have the same comments …“You must really like flowers” and “nice camera, you must get some great pictures”. I always have the same answer “No, I like taking pictures of flowers” and “My camera phone can do the same thing but my hands are to big and they shake so I use this camera”. And always the same response “Really?”.
I have to be honest thought this year the show was not that impressive. I usually attend a few times just to make sure I didn’t miss anything but this time I stayed around 90 min and that may have been too long. It seemed like more commercial vendors were taking up the space. When I first started attending a few years ago it was 50/50 now its 80/20 commercial. Just my observation.

I’m not sure how many photos I’m going to post but here’s the first. I know, I usually “title” my flower shot but in this series I’m going to forgo titles. (I may go back later and title them all but for now…no). I hope you enjoy what I decide to post.

Thanks again for checking in.

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