Been Down But I’m Not Out

Last Friday, I deviated from the “shake day” of my diet and I ate the salsa and chips I had on my counter. Unfortunately for me I did not realize the salsa had been out on that counter for a week or so. Forty-five minutes later I began what became 12 hours of vomiting almost every 30 minutes.

When the vomiting finally passed I couldn’t move and breathing was difficult. I though I had something else going on, so I started treating that but all the stuff I was taking was only make it worse. Finally after a lot of pushing I went to the hospital ER. I was admitted, got a room and three hours later I was on the operating table.

First I want to think God for being my Savior, Healer and Deliver and for all of you who supported me on my #HoodFit journey. I’m not sure my body would have been able to fight without having very special people in my life believing in my ability to grow and transform.

I’m down for the next few weeks but I’m not out. I will not be posting a lot but I hope to get back to my 365 photography  (a photo a day)post by the end of the week.

2 responses to “Been Down But I’m Not Out

  1. I’m shocked at the sudden turn of events in your life. As with many, many, many other I’m also very pleased that you are making a recovery. Keep that positive attitude. Thaddeus, you’re in my thoughts.


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