Day 740 “Monologues Beyond the Erotic – A Stage Reading”

Monologues Beyond the Erotic – A Stage Reading

Tonight I attended the stage reading of my friend’s (pictured here) Master’s Project featuring monologues that explore African American women and their sexual/erotic voice. It was an amazing evening being exposed to the voices and stories of Black women. I can’t get too deep into this…let’s just say I learned a lot about women’s fears, pleasures, health concerns as it relates to sexual activity — and of course I learned a lot about myself. The reality is there is much we don’t talk about—but need too. I can’t wait until this turns into a stage play.

Since tonight was about Black women, my next few posts will highlight some of the beautiful women that came to support tonights reading.

2 responses to “Day 740 “Monologues Beyond the Erotic – A Stage Reading”

  1. This causal link reveals growing insecurity with normative
    heterosexual relations: it was becoming obvious, through the scientific inquiry into sexual
    lives, that women were not being sexually satisfied in many cases.
    However, when captivated by Dracula’s spell, she becomes a
    “fallen woman. His moustache was “fixed and rather cruel-looking, with
    peculiarly sharp white teeth; these protruded over the lips, whose remarkable ruddiness showed astonishing vitality in a
    man of his years” (Stoker 42).


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