Day 741 “Monologues Beyond the Erotic – Up Next”

This is a photo of one of the readers/performance artists for “Monologues Beyond the Erotic” Readers. These women read from a script provided to them, it was not their story but a composite of many stories recorded through interviews by the author.

The interview this performance artist read focused on “Uterine Prolapse” which can be caused by lack of sex. Very interesting concept to me as I really didn’t understand prior that a woman’s choice of celibacy could mean the trade off of a physical ailment taking over.

2 responses to “Day 741 “Monologues Beyond the Erotic – Up Next”

  1. Thaddeus, a very powerful portrait and disturbing information. in your image I particularly like how you have captured her hair falling in a “V” pattern. This same pattern shows up in a smaller ways in your photo – her collar, her eyes, the pink fabric ….


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